From time immemorial, games have been there. In different societies, different games served different purposes. Over the years, people have been looking for ways of making life more fun through various games. There are many different computer games that simulate real life actions. However, the new baby in the room is escape room. Escape rooms comprises of a real-life room where a group of people are locked in a ‘weird’ room and are supposed to solve different puzzles in order for them to find the key to unlock the room. It is a challenging game full of fun. The game usually has a 60 minutes time window within which the players ought to have escaped the room. Here are some of the best tips to follow in order to win fort worth escape rooms.

Have Your Own Team

Most escape the room games require between 6 and 12 players. If you are going for an escape room trip, you need to buy all slots for your team in order to avoid strangers joining your team. Make a team of your own. Having a team of people you know is likely to increase the productivity of your team as you are free with each other. Communication within your team will be highly enhanced and hence you will perform better. In creating your own team, ensure that you don’t fill up your team to maximum capacity as this can crowd the room and lower your performance.


Communication is the key to succeeding in an escape room. Whenever you find any component which is part of the game you need to communicate the information to the rest of the room. Shout out loud so that every team member should know what you have found. This is crucial especially when one clue leads to another. If you find something and you keep quiet, everyone will be looking for the same thing and you will be wasting time on something that has been found. Also ensure to put all the used or found items together in a pile as they might be reused. To get more ideas on where to find top quality escape room games, go to


A team comprising of 10 people can potentially achieve 10 times results than what one person can achieve, if only each person contributes to the efforts of the team. The team should also work in parallel. This means you can divide the team in either two or three teams. One team can help solve the first stage of the puzzle and another team will solve the last bit of the puzzle.

Solve Puzzles Effectively

The gist of the game is solving puzzles. Solve the puzzles by guessing, knowing common puzzle mechanisms and thinking simple. Don’t overthink too much. Most puzzles have the simplest solutions.

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